Balance Step Equipment

Balance Beam Long – 180 x 19 x 6cm

RRP : $55.00
Save : 1.82%

Trapezoid – Use Both Sides

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Balance Plate – 40cm Round

RRP : $33.00
Save : 1.21%

Non Slip MDF 12mm Board

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Balance Wobble Board – Two Level

RRP : $26.4
Save : 2.27%

Improve Your Balance

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Bongo Board

RRP : $176.00
Save : 7.39%

Improve balance, coordination, stability and strength with the hottest balance training device on the market, the Bongo Board!

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Large Rocker Board

Large Rocker Board – Timber

RRP : $59.40
Save : 5.39%

Rocker boards are a great adjunct to training for ankle and knee injuries as well as reaction response for agility training. These sturdy MDF and timber boards have a non-slip surface – and are Made Locally in Australia from Australian materials

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Pro Rocker Board 50cm Square

RRP : $165.00
Save : 7.88%

Regardless of your age or ability, daily use of a balance board or wobble board is an asset to your fitness, health and well-being. You will experience improved balance, coordination, body awareness, core strength and stability.

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Replacement Bongo Board Roller

Replacement Bongo Board Roller

RRP : $44.00
Save : 0%

This original spare comes complete for easy installation on your Board. Bearings and axle configuration alllow rotation – the secret for Bongo Boards high perfoprmance.

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Slant Board 35cm (Multi Slant – 3 Lev)

RRP : $165.00
Save : 7.88%

A 114 sq/cm board that is a simple and effective device for performance enhancement through warm-up stretching. 3 levels of adjustment:

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Wobble Board (24in Tri-Level Combobble)

RRP : $143.00
Save : 4.9%

Inspired by the request of a valued Fitterfirst customer, the Combobble Board takes the best elements of the Fitterfirst Professional Balance Boards and the Fitterfirst Combo Board and creates a unique and challenging board. The Combobble Board is excellent for increasing the difficulty of many high-level fitness exercises such as squats and tosses

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Xtra Resistance Cords Value Pack

RRP : $110.00
Save : 6.36%

The patent-pending Resistance Anchor Cable system allows you to tailor the resistance level of the cables to your specific needs. Color-coded cable ends identify six different resistance levels, from Level 4 to Level 9. Each level represents an increase in resistance of approximately 2.5 pounds, or 1.1 kg., in comparison to the previous level. The Level 9 cables can also be used for isometric resistance exercises.

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