BOSU 3-D System Balance Trainer

RRP : $297.00
Save : 2.36%

Ease into balance training with the BOSU® 3D System, or a “docking station” for the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Ideal for first time users, special populations and the active aging market, the product serves as a built in spotter. Participants are able to perform BOSU® Balance Training exercises with ease, and progress at their own level to maximize success.

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BOSU Ballast Ball 65cm

RRP : $99.00
Save : 4.85%

Exciting Dynamic Load Training.Made in the USA

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BOSU Pro Trainer

RRP : $238.70
Save : 1.34%

Recommended for commercial operators such a gyms and clinics. The BOSU® (‘Both Sides Up’) is like an Exercise Ball that has been cut in half with a stable side and an unstable side. They are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for everything from cardio to rehabilitation to yoga. With the ball side up, you can stand, squat, sit or use it just like you would a step for aerobics.

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BOSU Wall Chart

BOSU Wall Chart – A2

RRP : $9.90
Save : 10.1%

The BOSU® A2-size Wall Chart is the perfect aid to your BOSU® balance training workout. With large high quality images and a training tips that demonstrate the correct way to do each exercise.

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